Enzalutamide did not affect the progress of castration-resistant 22Rv1 xenograft tumors. 22Rv1 cells had been inoculated into castrated nude mice

November 1, 2015

Western blot analysis more confirmed PPD downregulation of equally AR-FL and AR-Vs in the tumors (Figure 6C). PPD did not cause decrease in the entire body weights of the mice (Figure 5C) or apparent histopathological modify of the tumors (Figure 6D). Interestingly, enzalutamide, at neither dose, was in a position to inhibit the expansion of 22Rv1 tumors (Determine 7A), suppress serum PSA ranges in the mice (Figure 7D), inhibit mitosis (Determine 8A), or trigger evident histopathological alter of the 22Rv1 tumors (Determine 8B).