HER2-enriched and Normal-like groups was performed using the 50 gene predictor, comparing Py2T and Py2T LT to the UNC337 training set provided by Parker

June 7, 2017

ed in 3 volumes of lysis buffer ) on ice. Antibody-bead binding and Immunoprecipitation of Argonaute proteins 40 ml of Sepharose Protein G beads were washed twice with 1 ml lysis buffer. 600 mg total protein of Argonaute protein hybridoma supernatant were added to the washed beads with lysis buffer to a final volume of 1 ml. Similarly, 60 mg rat IgG2a antibody was used as isotype control in parallel experiments. The antibody was bound to the beads rotating at 4uC overnight. 1 ml cell 24900801 lysate was added to 40 ml prepared antibody-conjugated beads and incubated in a rotating wheel at 4uC for 4 hours. The immunoprecipitates were washed twice with 1 ml wash buffer containing 300 mM KCl, twice with wash buffer containing 500 mM KCl and once with 1 ml PBS and resuspended in 100 ml PBS. 20% of the immunoprecipitates were used for Western Blot analysis and the remaining 80% for RNA isolation. Protein gel electrophoresis and Western Blot After SDS gel 23300835 electrophoresis and transfer of proteins to HybondP membrane, membranes were blocked with 5% milk powder/0.1% Tween-20/TBST. Primary monoclonal antibodies against Ago1, Ago2, Ago3 and Ago4 diluted 1:50 MiRNA Expression and Function in Pediatric AML and secondary polyclonal goat anti-rat antibody diluted 1:10,000 were used for Argonaute protein detection. were used as positive and negative controls. Data were submitted to Gene Expression Omnibus. RNA extraction from Argonaute proteins and cDNA synthesis Ago-associated RNAs were extracted according to the TRIzol protocol. The RNA was precipitated with addition of 5 mg yeast tRNA and 3 volumes of 100% ethanol. Finally, the RNA was collected in 25 ml nuclease free water. 1 mg total RNA or 4.6 ml of Argonaute isolated RNA was used for cDNA synthesis. 9.7 ml of cDNA synthesis master mix was added and RNA was reverse transcribed using SuperScript III Reverse Transcriptase. RNA was degraded with 20 ml of 150 mM KOH/20 mM Tris base 10 min at 90uC. The mix was neutralized with equimolar amount of HCl. Affymetrix-Chip hybridization of mRNAs The labeling and preparation of Argonaute protein-associated mRNAs were executed according to the GeneChip 39-IVT Express Kit User Manual. The RNA was hybridized to GeneChip Human Genome U133A 2.0 Arrays using standard conditions. Analysis of mRNA expression data was executed using the Robust Multichip Average algorithm implemented in RMAExpress. Probe expression values were background corrected, normalized and summarized to probe sets. Data were submitted to Gene Expression Omnibus. Bioinformatics and statistical analyses Bioinformatics and statistical analyses were carried out with the R 2.11.1 software using log2-transformed ratio values. The Mann-Whitney-U test was used for identification of differentially LY2109761 cost expressed miRNAs of AML patient samples and the two-sided t-test for unequal variances was used for identification of Argonaute protein-associated miRNAs and mRNAs. Unsupervised hierarchical clustering was performed for both miRNA and mRNA microarray data. The package heatmap.2 was used to compute an enhanced heatmap. The dendrogram was produced by an agglomerative algorithm. The similarity of two elements was calculated by Euclidean distance and complete linkage. Fold changes between three biological replicates of Argonaute immunoprecipitates and three replicates of the isotype control experiment were calculated. Additionally, pvalues were calculated using a two-sample t-test for unequal variances. miRNAs or mRNAs wit